I've enjoyed coming to Louis' gym; it's intense yet enjoyable - a real positive environment. 
Pat M.

I'm a full time student at UBC and I've been training with Louis since February and it has been incredible. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and I look forward to working out as hard as I can. Louis is amazing! He is motivating, fun and personable. 
Jessica S.

Great guy and a great coach. Keeps things simple and easy to understand. Knows his stuff. His coaching philosophy and technique can be trusted because he has been there and done it, and that is what you want when you are learning to box or any other type of fighting.
Cole Shaw.

i have been training with Louis for over 2 years. Everything is great. he knows how to push right beyond your limit. his gym is always friendly, encouraging but you get good exercise. i know lots of people pay big $ at steve nash... Louis can do much better.
Ryan Zhang.

It is inspirational to be trained by Louis. He is a friendly guy, an amazing coach and a brilliant motivator with a great knowledge of the fight game. No matter what, Louis takes the time to go through things with you step by step until it is executed to perfection. Since I starting training with Louis, I've dropped 30 lbs inside 2 1/2 months. Under his guidance I keep growing in strength. The best move I've ever made is going to Louis for training. 
Andrew M.

I belonged to a traditional gym for years and found that my needs had changed; demanding more personal attention to improving my fitness level. Once I attended a session with Louis, I was immediately inspired. The combination of my determination and hard work, with the encouragement, professionalism, skill and experience Louis brings to each workout created the challenge and freshness that I was missing. Flexibility and variations of each session are always refreshing. I always look forward to my workouts. I highly recommend anyone interested in becoming fit to train with Louis. Thank you for your expertise & encouragement thus far; developing & reshaping my body & mind! 
Lori S.

Amy and I have only been going to Louis for a short time but the results that we have both seen have been fantastic! Louis uses just the right mix of 'pushing you' when you need it and is always encouraging. It's also great to work with someone who is committed to targeting and working on the areas that you want to see results in and knows exactly how to get you there. We've already signed up for the next 3 months and we would both encourage anyone who is looking to get in shape to not go anywhere else but Louis Sargeant Fitness! 
Liam and Amy B.