What I do.

Boxing Coach

Boxing is a great way to have fun and get fit. But not all boxing classes will teach you proper technique and usable tactics. Learn from an experienced professional boxer. Don't be fooled by trainers who have never done this before. Please do me a favor, before you give your health and hard earned money to a trainer, google them and learn about what they have done. Be sure you're learning boxing at its best, whether you're interested in competing or you just want to have fun and get fit.

Personal Trainer

I have developed an effective exercise program built around proven exercises and healthy eating. Each 1-hour class challenges students in a fun, supportive atmosphere. I train alongside you, teaching you proper form for every exercise. My way is to have fun with my students, and clients and encourage by example, not by yelling.

All of my strength and cardio workouts are designed so that you can easily do them at home on your own. Each exercise uses either your own body movements or small tools that don't require much space to use or store.

I combine 3 types of training

Strength Training My strength training isn't about bulking up. It's designed to increase your muscular endurance and give you that lean, toned look that everyone wants. All my exercises use your own body weight or simple tools like medicine balls, hand weights, resistance bands, etc. to help build lean muscle that ultimately burns more calories and makes losing weight faster and easier.

Cardiovascular Involves running, skipping, stair climbing, tire flipping, fast walking, leg exercises and more. This training focuses on aerobic conditioning and long-term endurance with mild anaerobic training. Aerobic workouts are great for burning fat, helping you to lose those extra pounds you don't want. And when you increase your long-term endurance, you also increase your metabolism, which allows your body to burn more calories naturally, making it easier to keep trim. It also results in your body being able to use its energy more efficiently over longer periods of time, leaving you less tired with more energy at your disposal when active.

Boxing & Kickboxing Training Do not let the name confuse you. These workouts are not just for those who want to step into the ring. They've been proven to work for those wanting to step into a wedding dress, fight their way down to an ideal weight, or just enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. NO DIETS!

Boxing and kickboxing training will focus on teaching the fundamentals but in a way that helps to tone muscles and to increase stamina. You will learn stance, balance, movement, breathing and timing by training in basic punches through the use of focus mitts, heavy bags, and shadow boxing. This will work out your mind as well as your body. Students will increase their confidence, feel better, and feel more comfortable in the gym and in everyday life.

These workouts combine the short bursts of anaerobic energy that a fighter needs to be explosive with the endurance of good aerobic training that a boxer needs to go the distance. The training methods used in these workouts helped me to become an outstanding boxer and continue to keep me in prime fighting condition.

Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness is one of the most important shifts in the business world in recent years as an employee incentive. Companies of all sizes are discovering that investing in the fitness and wellness of employees offers many benefits both to employees and to their bottom line.

As a CEO, business manager or supervisor, you want employees to enjoy their work and bring the best of themselves to work each day. Encouraging employees to adopt a healthy fitness lifestyle creates a more productive workforce and an increase in work satisfaction.

On the other side of the coin, there are costs to unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles including depression, negativity, fatigue, frequent illness, and a greater risk of serious medical problems. These issues don't only affect individual employees and their personal lives, they greatly affect work productivity and ultimately, the success of your organization.

It would be nice if employees would maintain healthy fitness lifestyles on their own. Unfortunately, many people have little to no background in this area. A corporate fitness program can give them the incentive and support they need to get started.

Benefits to Our Corporate Fitness Program

 • Reduce absenteeism
 • Increase productivity
 • Increase employee health and energy levels
 • Improve employee self-confidence
 • Improve morale and camaraderie amongst employees
 • Increase employee focus and creativity
 • Decrease stress, injuries and health problems
 • Reduce employee turnover and improve recruitment potential
 • Decrease disability and worker's compensation costs

Louis Sargeant Fitness offers premier corporate fitness programs that are tailored to your organization's needs. Contact me today to discuss your company's needs and how I can help.